Women’s Rugby World Cup: The Fastest Growing Rugby Event in the World


NOV. 12 2021

Women’s rugby as a sport and the Women’s Rugby World Cup as an event have seen incredible growth in recent years and have tangible momentum as the United States’ bids to host the tournament in 2029. Women account for 25 percent of rugby players around the world, and there is significant opportunity for the sport to grow in the United States, which is uniquely well-positioned to support women’s sports. The United States’ senior women’s national team is currently ranked #6 in the world, in part thanks to the existing support and infrastructure for women’s sports in this country.

Generally, the Women’s Rugby World Cup sees between 6,000 and 10,000 international travelers visit the host nation to take in the action, resulting in between $28.7 million and $39.7 million in direct and indirect economic impact. The 2017 tournament saw 34 million fans tune in from around the world and over 45 million video views on the Rugby World Cup’s social media channels at some point during the event.

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