Going Coast-to-Coast: Host City Spotlight Series


JAN. 26 2022

As we continue planning for upcoming Men’s and Women’s Rugby World Cups to be hosted in the United States, we are launching a new content series to highlight the 29 incredible cities that could host the global event. These diverse coast-to-coast cities are ready to show off the excitement building around rugby in the U.S. and welcome visiting fans into their supportive communities.

From major metropolitan areas to scenic settings, each with their own vibrant cultures on full display,  these cities are all unique, but one thing they all have in common is the ability to host a world-class global sporting event. With over a dozen 70,000+ capacity stadiums, there is no country better prepared to host an event of this magnitude and elevate the sport of rugby by doing so.

In this content series, we will dive deep into the exciting rugby cultures and historic events from each of these potential host cities, and explore why fans around the world should be excited for what will no doubt be a remarkable Rugby World Cup.