Frequently Asked Questions


OCT. 19 2021

Why is now the right time for a Rugby World Cup in the United States?

A Rugby World Cup in the United States is a turning point for the game.

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. More than 100,000 USA Rugby members play in over 2,500 clubs nationwide, with college and high school-age players comprising nearly half of the community. New professional and top-level rugby organizations have continued to build interest in the game.

Bringing the sport’s largest, most iconic event to U.S. soil could change the game forever. With 45 million people expressing interest in the sport, the United States could build the largest rugby fan base in the world.

The third largest sporting event in the world has never been hosted by the world’s largest sports market, and it’s time to change that.

Is the U.S. equipped to host the Rugby World Cup?

With metropolitan areas from coast to coast ready to welcome global rugby fans, NFL-caliber stadiums around the country interested in hosting Rugby World Cup games and an incredible national infrastructure for coordinating large-scale events, no country in the world is more prepared and better-suited to unite fans old and new through rugby.

The bid includes some of the most state-of-art, massive, technologically advanced and luxurious sporting venues in the world – from iconic venues like the Rose Bowl to recent Super Bowl host venues like Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and Levi’s Stadium in the Bay Area.

Which cities might host Rugby World Cup games if the United States wins its bid? 

The following cities have shown interest in and are currently being considered for participation in the United States’ bid for upcoming Rugby World Cups: Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Birmingham, Ala.; Boston; Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Cincinnati; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Mo.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Miami; Minneapolis; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; New York; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Pittsburgh; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle and Washington, D.C.


What are the benefits of hosting the Rugby World Cup for the United States?

Hosting the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2029 and the Men’s Rugby World Cup in 2027 or 2031 would galvanize the growing community of rugby players, supporters and fans in the U.S., draw significant new audiences to the sport and generate tremendous commercial opportunities. In addition to growing the game, recent Rugby World Cup events have brought more than 242,000 fans from around the world to the host countries, with many fans planning vacations around the tournament, strengthening tourism sectors, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.


How can a Rugby World Cup support USA Rugby?

Past Rugby World Cup tournaments have proven to be turning points for emerging rugby nations as additional investments, exposure and competitions are opened to the host union in lead up, during and after the tournament. These new resources and opportunities would be unprecedented in their ability to drive the development of rugby in the United States, from the grassroots to the national team level. Now is the time for the USA Rugby community to gather together under a unified goal, in support of a truly American Rugby World Cup.

Who is funding the campaign?

The bid campaign will continue to be funded and resourced by investments from rugby stakeholders and supporters across the U.S.


How can I follow along with the bid’s progress?

Visit to sign up for updates and get involved and follow our progress on social media: @USRugbyWC (Twitter), @USRugbyWC (Instagram), United States Rugby - World Cup Bid (Facebook) and United States Rugby - World Cup Bid (LinkedIn).